From our Family Farm
to your Family Table.

Pasture Fed Beef, Lamb & Pork.

Goomburra Valley, QLD

pasture fed beef

Grass fed

No added hormones,
No antibiotics,
100% pasture raised and finished.


Locally processed

Less stress on the animal.
Better control over the quality of the finished product.

Lazy Cow farm family

Family owned

Supporting local businesses.
Quality produce from our family farm to your family table.

Farm Tours & Events

Book a Farm Tour or join one of our upcoming events right here on the farm. Goomburra Valley, QLD.

Our animals live a happy, peaceful and stress free life.

Here at Lazy Cow Farm, we produce 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.  Pasture-raised, free-range pork and eggs right here from our Goomburra Valley farm. We also have a farm gate stall selling gifts and handmade wares from fellow farmers and stock locally sourced cheese, honey, and gifts.

Our ethically raised livestock live a happy and peaceful life meandering amongst the foothills of the property grazing on native and improved pastures. Our livestock are free to graze at their leisure and by using low stress handling techniques our animals live a contented life with free access to food, water and shelter. 


You can now order via our online shop and have it delivered right to your door or a location near you.

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Beef Cuts Lazy Cow Farm